Critique Casino Promotions - Deposit Bonuses

What is a Deposit Bonus?
Simply put, a deposit bonus is an amount of money that a casino will match its players whenever they make deposits. The amount and duration of these bonuses will vary from venue to venue, so players are urged to look around for the best deals possible. Most of the time, deposit bonuses are available at three different times: when first starting a new account with a bonus casino, monthly or weekly as part of casino membership, and during special promotions. Gamblers should review a casino's website thoroughly to determine the amounts and frequencies of the bonuses being offered to them.
Types of Deposit Bonuses
The welcome deposit bonus is typically the largest bonus a player will receive as part of his or her casino membership. While the majority of casinos offer at least a 100% deposit match of up to $100, there are some that will offer up to 400% or 500%, particularly during recruitment campaigns. Monthly and weekly bonuses are typically much smaller--no more than 50% matching--but they are still Penny Slots free money, so players should take advantage of these whenever possible. Also, a bonus casino may also host promotions from time to time during which deposit bonuses are temporarily increased.
Wagering Requirements
Like any other type of bonus, there are certain wagering requirements that are associated with the deposit bonus. These are put into place so that players Online gambling cannot withdraw the funds from their accounts as soon as the casino provides them. Most of the time, critique casino bonuses will require players to wager 20 times the amount of the bonus provided before the bonus money itself can be withdrawn. The casino keeps track of these funds separately so that players will know how close they are to meeting these requirements.

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